Aquatic Caves

NEW MAP: The Aquatic Cave!

This one started out as an underdark map, but because I went with a Merefolk city, the aquatic theme sort of took over.  It was a really fun angle to explore, and I think it brought a lot of flavor to the cave environment.  I'm thinking of making these smaller collections and releasing them on Drivethru RPG, basing each map pack off of themes.  So I'll probably come up with one more underground map to bring the number up to 4, which seems substantial.  The Drivethru versions will probably be colored, but we'll have to see how that turns out.


  • The Crabby Map Maker needs to you to fetch some Merefolk eggs to feed his Giant Crab Hut
  • The Merefolk need you to clear the smuggers off of their beach
  • The Merefolk need you to clear a path to the hatchery
  • There is a great reward for the recovery of the fabled sword driven into the skull of a Turtlich
  • The Pancosmic Fish has been ordering the Merefolk to carry out its evil plans and must be stopped

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Pancosmic Fish and Turtlich are my new favorite bad guys.


Haha!  I'm a sucker for a good portmanteau.  They could be quest givers too!

Another great job! Thank you!

You are very welcome!  Enjoy Enjoy!